The Three Penny Project believes every person deserves access to free, fresh, sustainable produce.

The Three Penny Project plans to cover Toledo in free food! We intend to plant edible, perennial shrubs, trees, plants, and herbs throughout Toledo neighborhoods, businesses, institutions, and public housing.   

What we do

If you're familiar with community gardens, you already have an idea of what we do--planting free, fresh produce for local communities. However, our program differs from traditional community gardens in a few key ways:
  • Perennials: Our focus is on perennial plants, or plants that return year after year. Instead of a single season of food, perennials provide generations of food. 
  • Location: We believe in flexibility and planting according to the specific needs and constraints of each community. Some neighborhoods may prefer growing fruit trees and bushes in their backyards.  Others may prefer a community location such as a park or school. We are happy to work with the community to provide the best solution for each individual neighborhood.
  • Education: Community members will receive access to information on each plant donation, regarding how and when to harvest, along with recipe ideas and flavor profiles.

Our Current Campaigne

Hilltop Village Apartments

We’re breaking ground this Spring at Hilltop Village Apartments! This income-based apartment complex is home to loads of families and children. Soon, these residents will have free access to some of the freshest produce in the city! Who’s ready for some home-grown strawberry shortcake and a slice of pecan pie!